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        Welcome to the home of the ascended. Ascension is a raiding league which formed during beta and has grown exponentially since the games launch. We exist to fulfill one underlying goal: To be at the forefront of content discovery and conquest. This goal will be pursued in a mature and organized environment, among people who find enjoyment in more than just min/maxing their character`s advancement. Ascension is comprised entirely of those players who wish to be pioneers of content and masters of their respective character classes. We are not a guild for those without a generous sense of adventure, an undying thirst for advancement, or the lack of patience and maturity required to be an effective raiding guild.

Guild News


Snake Eyess, Jul 21, 11 10:19 AM.
Get Your Raid on Kiddies!

Brainiac Defeat The Bat Cave has been Saved !

Black Light, Apr 6, 11 3:04 PM.
Hey everybody congratulations to all those that were there Tuesday 4/6/11 for the defeat of Brainiac....We got 3 groups through the raid that night....Special congratulations to those that got loot from the Brainiac construct, I know I got an Amazing healing neck piece...The Loot seems to better, stat wise, same DPS on the weapons but none the less completely epic... The Brainiac construct raid was a lot of fun and we definitely will be farming the hell out of that place....Go check out the group picture of us in front of our new Brainiac trophy in the styles section....Thanks to all who had the fortitude and determination to see it through till the end....



Ascension hits the World Wide Web

Black Light, Apr 2, 11 9:32 PM.

Hello everybody, Ascension now has its own league site up and running.....It is still very basic, I hope to keep adding stuff and futher tuning what is already there.....Let me know if you guys have any suggestions....Sign up and then once i receive your request ill accept and you will have access to the rest of the site so you can add your characters to the league roster fill in their data and earn achievements, make forum post, send mail, vote on polls, both Guild portal and I have placed in achievements that you earn by doing a variety of things...Maybe I will use this for future contest or something, who knows the possibilites are endless.....We are also hooked up with our very own forums, raid calender, mail system, library ( for anyone who wants to write/add game guide tips whatever ) , and a sytles tab ( a place where we can post styles pieces that we want to give away/sell at the league discount of course ) and most importantly a gallery where we can show off our cool costumed heros.....

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Black Light, Mar 31, 11 6:26 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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If you are interested in joining message Blacklight in game and sign up for the website.....this will show me you have a little bit of brains and some initiative.....
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